Professional Advisers

Specialist advice for British expats and international employees

If you’re a fellow professional such as financial adviser, lawyer or accountant with a client living or moving to Europe, we can provide specialist advice to enhance your service. Knowledgeable and experienced in every aspect of wealth solutions. pensions and international pension transfers, we can help you offer a fully integrated service to your clients.

Dually licensed, we’re authorised to give advice in both the UK and Europe. This gives us a deeper understanding of the whole financial advice process and means we are ready to take care of everything from start to finish.

Taking different tax systems into account can be challenging. As advisers with many years experience, we can help you provide your clients with an expert service tailored to their specific financial needs.

Work with Alexander Peter

An introduction to Alexander Peter will ensure your clients have access to the right financial advice. This will remove potential compliance risks, avoid potentially heavy penalties, and ensure your client doesn’t face heavy tax charges by mishandling their assets.

Established in 2010, Alexander Peter Wealth Management provide specialist advice to British expats and international employees living around the world. We provide tax-efficient and tax-compliant financial solutions to suit every client’s needs.

We are fully regulated so, you can rest assured that we only ever recommend the most appropriate and tailor-made solutions.