ISAs and other offshore investments

Expat investment options

If you have assets in the UK, or offshore then careful planning before your move to Europe could save you thousands of Euros in tax. As a tax resident of a European member state, you will be liable to pay tax on worldwide income and gains. This means that even assets outside of Europe, such as UK pensions, ISAs, and investment accounts, are assessed and liable for tax in your country of residence.

If you are holding investment accounts in an offshore jurisdiction or in trust depending on the circumstances, then your new country of residence make look dimly on these types of investments or look through the trust effectively ignoring it which can give rise to higher taxes and potential penalties.

It is wise to explore potential options that could be more tax-efficient in both the short and longer term. There are a variety of investment options available. 

Get expert investment advice from advisers with international experience

As an expat, understanding all the investment options available can be complex and confusing. This makes it even more important to get independent advice from a qualified adviser.

Many expats will opt for a mixture of investment products, often managed by a financial adviser or wealth manager.

Getting the right advice is crucial to ensure you don’t fall foul of the more complex investment rules or end up paying unnecessary tax. Talk to one of our expert wealth advisers for independent advice about your best course of action.